LHL Homes Services


Remodeling | Kitchen Renovation | Portland | Tigard | Beaverton | OROne of the most important skills we employ as we discuss your remodel ideas is listening! Only by really understanding your needs, concerns, and imagination can we design and build a space that is a true reflection of you. Once construction begins, you can rely on LHL to deliver a meticulously finished project that is completed on time and on budget. We also understand how important it is to have total trust in your remodel team. Throughout the remodel, our utmost concern is keeping your home secure, safe, and clean – every day! Choose a remodeler who is open, communicates, brings a wealth of remodel experience, and understands and exceeds your expectations. Choose LHL Remodeling and Custom Homes.

New Homes

Custom Home Builder | New Home Builder | Portland | Beaverton | Tigard | ORCollaborating with our clients to design and build their new custom home has been a cornerstone of LHL’s success for the last quarter century! Homes of distinction by LHL can be found Nestled in the hills of Northwest Portland and throughout the metropolitan area. Bring us your home plans designed for your lot, and we will begin the process of turning your plans into reality. Or, LHL will meet with you from day one of the planning process to provide you with a full range of services from lot selection, home plan design, engineering, permitting, and the building of your unique, custom home. Regardless of the starting point, LHL believes in developing a true partnership with out client. We feel this is vital to achieving our goal of a satisfied homeowner and an enduring home.


Home Remodel | Home Repair | Renovations | Tigard | Portland | ORLHL is especially adept at restoring homes that have suffered major damage from storms, water, or fire. At a time when you can be most vulnerable, LHL works hand-in-hand with you and the insurance company. As your advocate, LHL’s oversight ensures your home is restored with not only the commensurate specifications and finishes, but also with the same workmanship and attention to detail. Often, the restoration process is the perfect time to incorporate exciting new design, finishes, or improvements that create refreshed and renewed living spaces.

Exterior (Windows, Siding, Decks, Outdoor Living)

Remodeling | Renovations | Portland | Beaverton | Tigard | ORLHL Remodeling can help you design and built that special outdoor family barbeque area, or investigate and repair those head-scratching siding or window leaks. Years of experience with existing and new construction, coupled with continuing education, assures you of the right fix, the correct flashing, and a seamless repair. From installing new energy efficient windows, residing your home, or designing and building the perfect outdoor living area, LHL has you covered.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Home Improvement | Energy Savings | Home Repair | Portland | Beaverton | ORLook to LHL for cost effective strategies to make your home more efficient and environmentally friendly. Simple steps such as added insulation, new windows, 95-plus efficient furnace and water heater, and eliminating air infiltration can significantly lower energy bills and add comfort to your home. Inside your home, LHL can recommend low VOC paints and products producing little or no off-gasing. LHL can further improve indoor air quality by introducing fresh air into the home using air-to-air heat exchangers.